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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fixing the U.S. Economy

When the USA was made, it was founded by 'Big Thinkers,' such as Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thoms Jefferson, etc. These founders were intelligent because they included God in their founding documents, saying that 'all Men are created equal.'

The first U.S. economic activities appeared from the farms and the traders. The first national economic activities appeared as manufactures, industrials, and coal mining. At the end of the first century, J.P. Morgan wanted to own all national manufactures, but didn't receive them.

In the second century, I say that the economic activities of the USA are failing.  I also say that this economy is failing because the USA lost God and lost the 'American System'    The American System had been suggested by Henry Clay (click) and Henry Carey (click) .  However, when the American System was not accepted by Congress, the British System was accepted. This acceptance  caused theU.S. economy to fall.  This fall decreased "national development' and increased 'world trading.'

The American System always reduces the prices of things. This  system gives better lives to more people, as God wants.   Thus, it is time for the USA to return to God and install the American System so that 'national development' increases and 'world trading' decreases.

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