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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Making Real Opposites

The left arrow above represents a thing we call God.  And, on the right, the arrow represents all of the things in the universe. Since all things in the right arrow are 'finite,' these things can change and approach God.  But no finite things can become connected to God because God is 'infinite.'  These arrows also explain why it is wrong to say that Jesus became infinite and became the only Son of God.  Here we see that Joseph Smith ws wrong.

Opposites do appear among the finite things in the universes.  For instance, if the left and right arrows approach each other but never connec, a pair of opposites has been found. An example is the pair of opposites we call 'cause' and 'effect.

When the left and right arrows are separated but begin to approach each other and connect, this pair of opposites no longer exists.  An example of a real pair of opposites is 'faith' and 'knowledge. One cannoy live on faith or knowledge alone. The connection of the big bang theory and all things, as a pair of opposites, do not exist, as I explain below..

The big bang theory is said to be a finite thing that made all finite things in the universes.  It is thus a fact that the big bang and all finite things were never a pair of opposites. This fact tell us that the big bang is a false theory.

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