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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Building New Economies, But Not Like the USA

Instead of building the American System, the U.S. economists say that the U.S. economy must make the USA the world leader. This kind of economy was made only after the Union of the USA, the Declaration of Independence (DOI), and the Intelligent Design of an active God were destroyed by U.S. lawyers.

The 'world leading economy' became what it is today because U.S. lawyers and the Supreme Court concluded that the DOI has only one law --- the authority to go to war against England. So, the first two paragraphs of the DOI, which defines the USA, were eliminated by these lawyers and the Supreme Court.  By eliminating these paragraphs, the 'equality of the citizens of the USA' was destroyed and the USA became a 'free-for-all' nation. This new nation is a  'system of parts that have no whole.' Unfortunately, the USA is now operating a godless economy, which is also known as the British System.

Accordingly, the new nations that are becoming democracies should install the American System of economics. Further, if  God is accepted in a new democracy, only an active God should be installed.

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