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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Tonight,  ABC-TV presented the first decade of the 9-11 event. A new effect of this 10-year old event is growing. The new effect is the growth of cancer of NYC firemen, who had to fight off the massive dust produced by the collapse of the NYC twin towers.  This dust could not be stopped from entering their bodies.

When an infinite number of spiritual atoms (or Spirits) are created by God, an active God will then give each Spirit a different body.  When these bodies are given, each Spirit has been given an infinite number of  'different parts.'  These parts are healthy because God made them. Now, if a Spirit eats bad food or allows toxic substances to enter the body, cancer cells can appear.

The ABC-TV program said that NYC firemen are getting cancer.  So, the U.S. government and NYC must act immediately.

Since the God of Islam can be challenged,  I conclude that the NYC terroristic event was inappropriate. 


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