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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some More on The Presidential Election in 2012

When I distinguish President Obama from the  republican candidates and say that the 2012 election is all about God vs.The devil, I am judging both of them by using the following words of the Constitution: 'We the People of the United States, in  Order to form a more perfect Union, ...'

Scientifically, these words mean that the USA has a perfect God who creates humans that can unite many humans. Today, we know that a perfect God is one and is thus absolute in all ways and cannot create any absolute things. Thus, no absolute words will be found among all created things.

Accordingly, human freedom does not exist. Only people who have no God will say that humans are absolutely free. Many absolute words are created and used by atheists and their books. Many presidential candidates do not use words right in their debates.

So, one must listen to each presidential candidate carefully to determine how each candidate views the future of the USA. Some candidates do not want to perfect the Union so that socialism does not grow. Other candidates want socialism. But a middle region exists because the Intelligent Design of an active God prevents us from achieving the perfect Union.

Those presidential candidates who are godly will speakk of  'next phase' or 'development' of the USA.  The candidates who are ungodly will speak only about 'money' or 'debt.'

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