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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Conservative Presidential Candidates in the USA

The current debates among the presidential candidates of the republican/teaparty political system tell me that the debt of the USA will continue to grow.

I came to the above conclusion when I listened to the conservative discussions, which are mostly about capitalism, debts, jobs, and tax reductions for business and industry. I also listened to them blame President Obama for all current U.S. problems. For instance, Gov. Rick Percy of Texas said that Obama's stimulus created no jobs.  This s wrong because the stimulus creaed more than one one millopn jobs. Thus, the development of the U.S. democracy and making better lives for all U.S. citizens are rare subjects of the conservative candidates.  These candidates don't seem to care that 1 of every 6 Americans are now in poverty.

The conservative presidential candidates never mention the Intelligent Design of an active God. Thus, they cannot discuss the subjects 'life after death' and 'being reborn.'  If they do not discuss these two subjects, they likely believe that they have only two lives, one here and the second with God.  However, all scriptures are being challenged from many standpoints today.  he idea that man has only two lives will be found mostly in our circle files today.

Unless all presidential candidates turn their attention to an active God and God's Intelligent Design,  the U.S. debt will grow continually and a civil war will be just around the corner.

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