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Monday, September 19, 2011

Yes, I Have More on The Presidential Election in 2012

Today, President Obama will likely suggest that the rich class pay more taxes in order to help solve the current unemployment problem.  I agree with Obama's action because  the U.S. rich class presents a major problem to a democracy under  an active God.

The U.S. history tells us that thes rich class developed after gold was found in the West and after Abe Lincoln wanted to apply the Declaration of Independence statement --- all Men are created equal --- to the USA.  Unfortunately, Abe was assassinated.  Instead of limiting the growth of this class by law in the 18th century, the government turned away from this social problem in order to win two world wars. So, it appears that  President Obama will begin to limit this rich class today.

Let me show how the USA did work before the rich class exploded in the 1970s. In the 1930s, I remember that my Father and Mother each earned about $20 a week. As I remember, a middle-level boss made $35 and a top boss made $40 a week. The ratio of $20-$35-$40 was a U.S. standard for a long time. As time passed, whatever labor earned, the earning of the middle-level boss doubled, and  the earning of the owner was four-times. Such ratios held in colleges and universities for a long period. So, when I started my higher education it cost me only $125 per term.

Today, we are learning more and more about how an active God wants us to live.  For instance, when a person dies, God will give this person a new life.  The chance that a person will be reborn on the same planet, the same nation, and in same family will be virtually zero.  So building rich classes, building big families, and giving inheritances are  ungodly and ignorant human behaviors.

President Obama is thus on the right path of thought on the money system. Unfortunately, the republicans and teaparty cabdidates do not want to fix the current money problem.

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