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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yet More on The Presidential Election in 2012

In my research on an active God and the U.S. presidential election, I show that human freedom does not exist because an active God is independent and is thus the only free thing to be found in the world.

President Bush made this error when he started 'Operation Freedon' in Iraq after he could not find the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Interestingly, today's physical scientists hide the word freedom when they say that humans are mechanical things.

In order to fix this political error on the word 'freedom,  I consider the scientific physical  procedure known as the 'cause/effect relation.' On human activities, this procedure can produce 'higher effects' due to 'lower causes.'

Robert McNamara was the first leader in government to use this scientific procedure. (Click)In all of his defense programs, cause and effectiveness relations had to produce higher effectiveness from lowest costs. President Obama also applies this scientific procedure to public works with stimulus money. In order to gain the highest effectiveness from the lowest stimulus money, Obama uses the Keynesian economics.(click)

Gaining 'higher money' from 'a lower amount of money' is one way of building a nation.  But a debt seems to come with this way. Building a nation with public works and the Keynesian economics seems to reduce debts. However, the best way to build a nation is still vague to us.

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