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Saturday, September 24, 2011

What Is the New Tea Pary)?

The Tea Party is a new party.  It says that it is nothing to do with the early colonists who threw tea into Boston Harbor to stop the high taxes of the king of England. But it is not a new political party such as Republican or Democrat. Instead, this new party says that it is a cross-section of the USA that believes in the American Dream.

Tea Party people are said to work hard in order to achieve success.  They believe in self-government; will follow any religion; do not want government handouts; and expect people, not government, to give to charities. The Tea Party people say that the purpose of government is to limit debts and protect their liberty and free market system.

This new Tea Party was not organized properly  based on  the Declartion of Independence (DOI) , the Constitution,  and God.  So, I do not believe that the new Tea Party is really interested in the American Dream.

For instance, this new party does not apply the words in the first two paragraphs of the DOI.  Nor does this new party apply the social contract theory that was developed by England's Locke.  Nor does this new party apply the Preamble of the Constitution and the requirement of government  'to form a more perfect Union.' 

I ask this new party, 'How can the new Tea Party perfect the USA without an understanding of God?
I conclude that the Tea party was organized quickly only to help the Republicn party defeat the Democrtic party.  I conclude that the new Tea Party is 'slop politics.'

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