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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Recent CERN Finding Is Important to Every Nation and Religion

When CERN found that the speed of the neutrino is greater than the speed of light, the existence of  an active God and the Intelligent Design of the active God were confirmed again.  This CERN finding also tells us that atheism and the inactive God of the Jews are false.

From this new information of CERN we also learn that the photon and the neutrino are two divisible things that came from the infinite number of indivisible and immortal Spirits that God created as dark matter.  This dark matter gives us new lives after we leave our old and finished life.

Albert Einstein's famous equation, E = mc2, is now being challenged. Since Einstein says that the  universe had a beginning at time,  t = 0. His universe also comes to an end with the heat death.  We can now toss Einstein's theory of the universe into the circle file.

If we throw Einstein's theory of the universe away, we must work with Bernhard Riemann's famous paper 'On the Hypotheses Which  Lie At the Foundations of Geometry.' His geometry starts with infinitesimals and depend on integration for statements about all finite things that God created. I believe that this paper influenced Bertrand Russell's thought on God.

The CERN finding is important because it is also telling us that all nations must become democracies.

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