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Sunday, October 02, 2011

My Definition of Matter

Some people do not have the book on A Source Book in Mathematics' by David Eugene Smith.  So, in this blog I present the important footnote found on page 425 of Smith's book on Bernhard Riemann's famous mathematical paper 'On The Hypotheses Which Lie At The Foundations Of Geometry.'  Smith was authorized to bring this footnote from Bertrand Russell, The Analysis of Matter, p.. 21,  New York,  Harcourt, Brace and Company.(click)  Russell's footnote says:

"Riemann who was logically the immediate predecessor of Einstein, brought in a new idea of which the importance was not perceived for half a century. He considered the geometry ought to start from the infinitesinal, and depend upon integration about finite lengths, areas, or volumes. This requires, inter alia, the replacement of the straiught line by the geodesic: the latter has a definition depending upon infinitesimal distances, while the former has not. Riemann's view was that a straight line does not differ from a curve in this respect. Moreover, measurement being formed by means of bodies, a physical operation, and its results depend for their interpretation upon the laws of physics. The point of view has turned to be of very great importance. Its scope  has been extended by the theory of relativity, but in essence is to be found in Riemann's dissertation."
I say that 'matter' originates from the Intelligent Design of an infinite active God.  This matter is 'all indivisible things.'  They differ and are immortal. The Inteligent Design tells us that each indivisible thing is 'functionally related' to all other indivisible things.  These functional relations form all divisible things, which are different and are mortal. I say that my definition of 'matter' is the true matter. The indivisibles form dark matter. And divisibles form light matter.

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