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Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Peace With Democracies and Religions

The natural death of religious leaders and teachers requires the development of new leaders and teachers so the worshippers get the same message.  However, in the development of democracies, more perfect changes are installed continually. Since democracies are always developing newness and religions are always deliving the same messages, democracies and religions are never harmonious.  Perhaps, this is why Thomas Jefferson spoke of a wall that must separate Church nd State.

However, Nicholas of Cusa found that man is always changing and developing newness because the maximum  knowledge belongs to God but can never be known by man. So, fixing the messages to religious people by the field of  religions is bad teaching.

In the U.S. political debates today, talk is getting too hot.  For instance, some nasty Christians are saying that some religions, such as Mormonism, are cults.  This is bad talk because the knowledge of any Christian is never maximum.

The wall made by Jefferson must be torn down completely so that different religions and different nations can share and discuss the knowledge that they have gathered.  To say that a scripture is true and completed is a lie.



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