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Monday, October 10, 2011

Communicating With the Dead

I received the following email words below after I posted the blog yesterday, which says, 'God Has No Heaven.'

"What is left to believe in, when our children die?  We hold the hope that we will see them again, in Heaven.  I cannot believe that God would take my sons and  not give me the hope of ever seeing them again.  It is all that keeps us going some days.  My brothers family went to a psychic and she told them things that only their son and Grandson could have known and told her.  I must have something like that to believe in or I could not go on.  Maybe Heaven isn't what we perceive it to be, but it does give us the hope that someday we will be able to contact them , no matter what form it may be.  Since it is our souls that are supposed to go to Heaven, I am sure we will see and recognize our friends and siblings.   If God has no Heaven , then where do our souls go?  My belief is that He sends us back in another body to be reborn again.  It is so complicated, and we are only aware of what we were taught in Church."
Since every created things are numbered, all created things are finite,  So when a scientist seeks the origin of finite things, a scientist can prove that the origin is 'infinite,' an attribute of God. Since finite things have parts, the scientist can prove that the origin is 'one,' which is another attribute of God.  From finite things, scientists will learn that all finite things are images of God. But we cannot place any finite thing in God's one and infinite world.

When God began to create, He creates indivisible things first. All of them can exist on a pin head and are 'in' God. Thus, if God ever wants to end the  universe that He created, only the indivisibles will return to God because they are immortal things.

When God acts to create a universe, God creates divisible things by putting each immortal indivisible thing 'in' all other indivisible things. Jesus show how indivisible things actually go 'in each other in Ch 10 of St. John.

So God creates a universe in which indivisibles never die and divisibles die naturally and are reborn. So a Father and Mother are always 'in' their children and their children are always 'in; their Father and Mother.  Since some indivisible things can perceive, a communication between children and Father and Mother become possible.  As time passes, family communications become difficult because 'world noise' exists among the indivisibles and can block these communications.

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