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Sunday, October 09, 2011

God Has No Heaven

Today's Jews, Christians, and Muslims, view the concept 'heaven' as a place where people go after they are judged by a Lord (see Deut. 32:36, for example), die, and begin a new life with God and a Lord.

However, the concept, heaven, must be redefined after modern science emerged as a result of the 15th century work of Nicholas of Cusa. Cusa's work led to the 17th century work of Galileo and Kepler, the 18th century work of Leibniz, the 19th century work Riemann and Cantor, and 21st century work of me on the scientific proof of an active God. My work on the teaching of Jesus also requires us to redefine the heaven.

Matt. 5:19 identifies different heavens (least and great). One sees one heaven if one looks into the evening sky and sees stars that make signs such as the 'big dipper.'  Now, if you moved to another planet, you will see a second heaven because different signs will be seen in the evening sky.  So many heavens exist in the universe.

In my studies of God, I found that God had to be infinite if He wanted to create the finite universe in which we now live. Since God is infinite, God cannot live in the finite universe that he created.  So, God has no heaven although He can see all of the heavens through the perceptions He gave us.

Now, if we do not learn how to live on other planets, I suggest that you read Ch. 24 of Matthew. There, Jesus will tell you that your life will become more and more miserable as our sun darkens and sucks our planet into the sun.

When a person tells us to separate Church and State, this person has the desire to give us a miserable life.  These miserable lives are real because God gives us a new life on the same planet after every death.

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