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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jesus Is Not a Creator and Creature

In yesterday's blog, I say that Western Christians became separated from the Eastern Christians and Muslims because the Eastern Christians concluded that Jesus is creator and creature. In this blog, I add more information that shows that Jesus is not creator and creature.

For instance, Jesus never told his disciples that he was creator and creature. Nor has any ancient philosopher said that a creator can also be a creature.  Then, when modern science begins to emerge in the 15th century, in Bk.I, Ch. One of his 'On Learned Ignorance,'  Nicholas of Cusa says, 'Therefore every inquiry proceeds by means of comparative relation, whether an easy or a difficult one.  Hence, the infinite, qua infinite, is unknown, for it escapes all comparative relation.' (click)

So, in the 17th century, when modern science began with Galileo's work on the pendulum, no scientist could ever compare any finite thing in the universe with a creator.  So, at 325 AD, no Christian could have said, with any truth, that Jesus is creator and creature.

Western Christians must act and correct their 325 AD error immediately.


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