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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Being Reborn Again in a Godly Democracy

'Being Reborn Again' is a law that can be found in God's Intelligent Design.  In God's Intelligent Design this law governs all of the indivisible things that God creates.  These indivisibles are one and, like God, have no parts. Only the divisible things that God create have parts such as skin, bones, heart, bloodlines, etc..

Since democracy is also a law found in God's Intelligent Design, the law of 'Being Reborn Again,'  and the law of Democracy are related and thus work together to form the best of all worlds that God created. Since all laws in God's Intelligent Design produce the best of all worlds, Darwin's Evolutionary theory must be rejected by all  democracies.

In the U.S. Declaration of Independence, one learns that 'all Men are created equal.' And in the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution, one also learns that the Union must be perfected continually. So, in the democracy of the USA, the consciousness of all U.S. children must be developed properly and all children must behave lawfully as they grow.

When a child grows up, the conscious child must participate in the development of the democracy. As a participant becomes older and can no longer participate, these aged children must be 'cared for' properly until death occurs.

If a nation does not develop a democracy, as defined by God's Intelligent Design, the consciousness of its people will not develop properly. At this time, the USA is developing an economy but is not developing its democracy. This explains why the consciousness of U.S. children and workers is degenerating.

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