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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Being Reborn Again

The world of 'God and the Universe' was born in Greece by Anaxagoras and Plato. To build this universe, potential indivisible things were created and unfolded by God. Then, God put these things together by relating them functionally to each other. These functional relations form many different divisible things. Thse things and relation form the Universe. All of thes divisible thing have a purpose in God's Intelligent Design..

Since the Universe has space and time, I conclude that the work of Gottfried Leibniz is correct. He says that space and time are purely relative.  Space is defined as the order of co-existences whereas time is defined as the order of successions. The co-existences are the divisible things that I identified above. So, the Universe that God made can be understood only by the geometry that was defined in the paper 'On the Hypotheses  Which Lie at the Foundation of Geometry' by  Bernhard Riemann.

God began to build the Universe with divisible things that are non-living. Until live-able planets were formed, divisible/living things would exist in the dark matter that surrounds the live-able planets. When a planet has made a place for living things, divisible/living things will begin to appear on that planet.

All divisible things (trees, coal, stones, mountains humans, dogs, suns, etc.) must pass on.  Since all indivisible things are immortal, they are reborn after they pass on as a functional divisible thing. So, I say that humans will be reborn on the planet on which the death occurred until that planet is absorbed by the sun. Since God does not create nations, it is likely that people will not be reborn in the same nation. The exception would be a great gift from God.

It seems that the U.S. founders knew the the 'reborn problem' because they included the statement 'all Men are created equal' in the Declaration of Independence.  Since 'being reborn' is a gift of God, all nations and all people should be equal.

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