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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Even More On 'Being Reborn Again'

When I joined the U.S. Department of Justice in 1971, as a 'hard scientist' on the moon landing program, I had the chance to work with 'soft scientists.' With them, two different views of the world was held. After I retired in 1994, I began to unify the thoughts of the hard and soft scientists based on the world of God and the Universe and man's life and rebirth.

Anselm's theology says that God is a perfect being. (click)  If God is perfect, the Universe that God created is the  'best of all universes.' However, if this best of all worlds has free things, the best of all worlds also has free things that are conscious (click) and are able to function as continuous developers of this best of all worlds. This best world explains why God gave all humans a life that continues after death.

In the New Testament, at Matt. 5:19, Jesus tells us that life continues at kingdoms that have different heavens. These kingdoms are planets on which humans can see signs in these heavens by looking at the evening sky after the sun goes down.  These kingdoms and heavens vary.  The kingdoms vary from least kingdoms to great kingdoms. And the signs in each heaven vary from kingdom to kingdom. Planet earth is one of these kingdoms. And the Big Dipper is one sign in the heaven of planet earth.

I conclude that the growth of consciousness determines the 'being reborn again' continuous path of all people.

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