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Monday, October 24, 2011

More On "Being Reborn Again"'

Being reborn again is a requirement of the theory of the endless world of 'God and the Universe.' This world was developed by ancient scientists such as Anaxagorax, Plato, and Jesus. Since the teachings of Jesus on this theory were interpreted by Western Christians poorly, the theory of this endless world didn't begin to develop until the 15th century.

Being reborn again is also a requirement of the theory of a world in which the universe ends. This world is accepted by those religions, which develop a theory of eschatology (click), or by religious physicists, who develop the cosmological ideas of Albert Einstein.

Those people who accept the the endless world will reject the religious theory that the universe comes to the end.  However, being reborn again in God's world is not possible scientifically because God's world is one and thus has no parts. Accordingly, only God can exist in a world that has no parts.

Being born again can occur only in a world that has parts.This 'world of parts' has parts that form things. To build this 'world of things,' God created 'indivisible things' and 'divisible things.'  The indivisible thing are immortal and the divisible things are mortal.  So indivisible things are the only things that are reborn again, again, ......

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