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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting Rid of All Money

Human life was focusd on money when the first leaders needed an army and farmers to secure a king or dictator. Unfortunately, this form of human life led only to slavery.

To free these slaves, the first democracy appeared in the USA. There, human life turned to farming and small businesses.  This life was good for religious people because they believed that they would go to Heaven where they woul live with God. Today, we know that this belief wis false. 

When the Preamble of the Constitution said that the Union must be perfected, many American builders responded by developing the States with a national money system.  But non-builders do not develop the States when they build something in the USA with our national money system and build it for another nation.

To throw all money away, all nations might first consider the use of a private money system.  Such a system can build anything and will never have any debts or any unemployment.  Perhaps, private money is the first step of eventually throwing all money away.  If we made the decision to build a spacecraft that will take all of us to live on another planet, I believe that money will no longer be found in any nation because humans will have found the absolute truth of love.


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