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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Money Causes a Problem for Consciousness

Today, more and more people say that UFOs have visited our planet.  I have never seen a UFO.  But I believe in them because my theory of this world says that human life in the best of all worlds will  never end. Since life never ends, every human will actually visit other planets.

Most people do not believe in UFOs because their consciousness is not developing many sensual facts, reasons, and intuitions. But we can't blame citizens for not developing their consciousness. Instead, our political leaders and economists must be blamed for impeding the development of human consciousness.

The leaders and economists on this planet have focused human minds on money. They like money, because it grows and can create classes of humans such as poor, medium, and rich.  If this focus never changes, the end of planet earth will finally end and all humans on planet earth will suffer greatly, as Jesus said.  (See Ch. 24 of Matthew in the New Testament.)

So, money and its creation of classes cause a problem in the consciousness of every human who is reborn again. We must change our foces of life.



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