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Friday, November 04, 2011

Wealth Only Produces Ungodly Power

If one believes in an active God and knows God's Intelligent Design of the Universe, the wealth of a nation is distributed equally to all citizens and the personal wealth of a citizen is non-existence when a citizen passes on. So, no inheritances can occur.

A Nation's wealth defined above agrees with the words found in the Declaration of Independence.  There, the U.S. founders say, "We hold theses Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, ..." President Lincoln created the U.S. Civil War to defend this self-evident statement.

When God creates, indivisibles are formed first.  An indivisible is one, has no parts, and function differently.  Among these indivisibles will all humans be found.  Now, when a human is created by God, one 'male human divisible' becomes functionally related to all other indivisibles. These functional relations give this one male human being a body. Females are created the same way.  This example also shows that God is active.

Some people believe that wealth of a nation should be concentrated to a few people.  These people seek power because they do not understand God and God's Intelligent Design. There are many paradises as Jesus teaches. At this time, no paradise will be found on this planet.


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