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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Only Real Scientists Can Lead Our Democracies

Although I said in my last blog that leaders of democracies should come from the school of business management, I believe that these leaders should also be real (hard and soft) scientist, who have prepared themselves to build a democracy.

Today, a few hard and soft scientists exist. I am one of them.  But I did not go to the school of business management.  However, after I retired in 1994, I did develop knowledge of a democracy.  When I learned it, I was too old to become a leader.  So it is important to develop young leaders who prepared for congressional work, good presidents, and strong justices..

Real hard and soft scientists must become leaders of every democracy because 'all' written documents, including founding documents and scriptures, are filled with the symbols that are part of the national language of some nation.  Since the meanings of  symbols must identified and interpreted, if you are not a real hard and soft scientist, you will not produce good interpretations of any documents.

For example, in the New Testament at John 10:30, Jesus says 'I and the Father are one.' A non-scientists would say that God has parts, a Son, and that God is creator and creature.  But a scientist will say that God is not a creator and a creature because God is a 'pure one' that has no parts.

So, all nations must be careful about documents because a national symbolic language of any document is not perfect.


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