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Friday, November 11, 2011

Who is Selling Abortions

Abortion is an act against the work of an active God, who created the universe. But abortion is only like today's economy because it has sales persons. These sales persons are atheists, evolutionists, and many doctors who reject God.

These sales persons reject God because they are poor students of the history of science.  Had they been a good student of Galileo, for instance, they would never reject God and would reject evolutionary theory and abortion immediately.

To accept God, one must read only pages 24-34 of the 'First Day chapter'  in Galileo's book on 'Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences.'

On p. 25, one will learn that gold is made up of an infinite number of indivisible parts. These simple words tell us that God creates all things in the universe by making an infinite number of indivisibles first. In my book, I call these indivisibles spiritual atoms.  Thus, gold is one of the divisible things that God creates after He makes the spiritual atoms.

To create a person, God also uses the spiritual atoms that he made.  However, creating a person by God is very different than creating gold for us.  Since gold doesn't walk, perceive, etc.,  as humans do, the infinite number of parts of  gold will be understood easier than the infinite number of parts of a person.

The atheists, evolutionists, and atheistic doctors believe that all wholes in the universe have a countable number of parts.  But Galileo proves that all wholes in the universe have an infinite number of parts. Thus, when atheists, evolutionists, and atheistic doctors begin to name the parts of the human body, they run into problems because they can't know all of the parts.

It is time to change the way people understand things and each other. Also,we can't allow men and women to kill persons that God created. Since our God is active, people must begin to understand what an active God really means.


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