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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

In the USA, National Goals Were Replaced by Lobbying Firms

National goals are necessary if the government of a democracy makee all people equal.  This equality of humans became a requirement in the Declaration of Independence (DOI) of the USA and should become a requirement in the democracy of all nations. But the U.S. government never developed the equality of its people, as the DOI says.

Equality was destroyed in the USA when  Congress and the White House did not make any laws that governed the lobbying organizations. (click)  Instead of making laws that would function properly, Congress and the White House gave  every lobbying organizations a freedom that is absolute or unlimited.  Here is another example of how U.S. Congress and the White House do not consider the existence and acts of our God and that only God's freedom is absolute and unlimited. 

When I worked in Washington, DC, I gained experience on how large corporations and small companies influence the U.S. government.  The day of the lobbyist of a large corporation usually begins at 11 o'clock in the morning to pickup the governmental person or persons. At noon, this group enters a good restaurant to eat, drink, and discuss a specific subject.  At 3 o'clock the lobbyist pays the check and the day ends

The large lobbying organization is usually filled with high cost men because the subjects are usually about technologies. The small lobbying firms operate similarly. The small lobbying firms are usually filled with a CEO, a male lawyer, and many low cost females.

Essentially, the lobbying organizations in Washington, DC have gained unlimited control of the U.S. government. Thus, I believe that the U.S. government is open to the people of the USA only through Google and Yahoo websites anymore.


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