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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lyndon LaRouche

I listened to some of the excellent teachings of Lyndon LaRouche in the early 1980s.(click)  When I learned about the book of Nicholas of Cusa on 'On Learned Ignorance,' (click) I turned my attention to Germany's Cusa's works, which are very new.

After listening to the words of Lyndon LaRouche on his new economic system based on the fundamental geometry of Bernhard Riemann,  I concluded that the very rich people of the world are trying to achieve control of all nations with their money system, which is based on minerals such are silver and gold.  Today's debts of nations are showing that this money system no longer work.

I conclude that it is time for the leaders of all nations to examine the new LaRouche/Riemann economy. This economy builds the economy of any nation because they always grow, just as humans, animals, and plants grow.  Depressions and unemploymentp are not possible in this new form of economy.


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