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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Am a Very Different Scientist

Prior to 1981, if I talked to a U.S. scientist, all U.S. scientists would be able to speak about Galileo's works, but could not say anything about Nicholas of Cusa and his 1440 scientific book 'On Learned Ignorance.' So, from 1440 to 1981, Cusa's major scientific book stayed amongEuropean scientists and led U.S. scientists into Hell.

As a scientist from John Hopkins University, I was saved from a ride to Hell because a group of people led by Lyndon LaRouche told me about Cusa's major book in 1981. Cusa's book opened my mind and caused me to study this book and many other books until 2006 when I wrote my first book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God.'

In 1983, the American Cusanus Society (ACS) was founded. (click) The ACS asked to review my book. But it didn't review it because the ACS is a catholic organization and my scientific book is challenging the ACS and all religions.

Accordingly, today's U.S. scientists have gone to the dark matter of Hell or will be going there because they do not consider God or consider God as being inactive. A scientist who accepts this God is a deist.  A deist rejects the Intelligent Design of an active God and accepts evolutionary theory. Thus, a U.S. deist accepts the 'Law of Nature' in the Declaration of Independence (DOI) and rejects the 'Laws of Nature's God' in the DOI. So, the deist and atheist say that morals come from past cultures, not from the Laws of Nature's God.

As seen,  I am a very different scientist.


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