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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Making the Best Life For All People

Yesterday, a group of millionaires came to Washington to tell the U.S. government that they want to be taxed more.  Since many conservatives did not agree with the request of these millionaires, it is clear that many U.S. conservatives are fascists as Lyndon LaRouche said in yesterday's blog.  But I go further by saying that most fascists are also atheists because they have no God.

I say that the life of a fascist is not very different than the life of a non-fascist because both will be reborn again and raised in different nations.  For this reason, I say that nations should not be operated by fascists because being reborn again must occur in very similar nations. When the U.S. founders said that 'all Men are created equal' in U.S. Declaration of Independence, they had developed an understanding of an active God.

My active God did not give or promise any land to any person or culture, as the Moses said at Gen. 15:18. Nor did God give or promise minerals to any person or culture.  Land and minerals are infrastructure for all humans, animals, and plants.

To make the best life for all people, the people are the only real forces that can produce it. The group of millionaires above seem to be listening to my active God.


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