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Friday, November 18, 2011

Human Knowledge Is Always Incomplete

The Bible and the Qur'an have fooled many people. People were fooled because eternal life after death does occurs in the heavens of the universe and does not occur in the high heaven of God or in the low heavens of Devils. People were fooled because all scriptures are man-made and hold few truths and many opinions and theories.

Thus, all of us are living in a world of questions. But Nicholas of Cusa told us that some questions cannot be answered or understood. (See Bk. II, Ch. Four and Five of 'On Learned Ignorance')  So, atheistic scientists are wrong when they say that human knowledge can be completed. They also say that the 'Incompleteness Theory' of Kurt Godel is false.(click)

We are unable to answer the question, 'Where will we live after we die?' If we are reborn again on planet earth until the sun darkens and absorbs planet earth, we need to act properly in every new life after death so that each of our lives are good and never become bad.

At this time, no person is acting properly in every new life after death.  All humans on planet earth are acting improperly because nations and their leaders are not working together to build democracies. To make life good for all people immediately, today's nations must get together now and throw their war machines away.


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