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Monday, November 21, 2011

Our World Economists and Leaders Are Ungodly

Some humans believe that scriptures are true and complete.  So they will not think about making a paradise on planet earth because, after death, they expect to go to a paradise where God is. But a paradise for us does not exist in God because God is 'One' and has no parts.

The pic on the right expresses the dreams of these people.  But their dreams are hiding facts about God because God gave all humans the ability to make very beautiful things.

 Man can make beautiful things, as the pic below shows.

God also gave us other abilities.  So, we ca go beyond making a paradise for us on planet earth.  For instance, in the 1960s, astronauts landed on the moon.  Soon, astronauts will land on planet Mars to see whether humans, animals and plants can live there after our planet dies and is absorbed by our sun. If we cannot live on Mars, our astronauts must find a new planetary system that God made for us.

Unfortunately, the world economists and dictatorial leaders are ungodly because they are not interested in making a paradise in every nation.  Nor are these economists and leaders interested in going to planet Mars and searching for new planetary systems. All they want to do is to gain riches and make slaves out of humans.

In order to change the thoughts of these economists and leaders, our young children are at work. I thank these children.


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