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Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Can Make a Paradise

When a person dies, I conclude that this person becomes part of the dark matter that surrounds the planets of our sun and becomes part of the dark matter of another planetary system when our sun darkens as Jesus described in Ch. 24 of Matthew of the New Testament.  Based on this conclusion, I say that this person will be born again on planet earth in an unpredictable nation.

So, terrorism, wars, nuclear rockets, different religions, dictators, fascists, unemployment, economic inflation, child molestation, uneducated children, family poverty, rich classes, crime, drug use, different nations, etc. should not exist. Essentially, all nations must treat all new births equally

In order to treat all new births equally, we must recognize that 'the paradise of life' is possible on every planet.  But we don't recognize the possibility of this paradise for two reasons: (1) atheists and deists do not recognize an active God and His Intelligent Design of the universe and (2)  people, who recognize an active God, hang onto the content of ancient scriptures and do not recognize that modern science is slowly out-dating them.

We must raise all children properly.  Then we must give our children the real life of a paradise.  Then,  old children must be cared as they age and prepare to be born again.


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