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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Immigration is a Godly Act of a Developing Nation

In the debate last Tuesday evening, eight Republican presidential candidates in the USA discussed the security of the USA and the  immigration problem of Mexicans into the USA. I conclude that Newt Gingrich gave the only godly  propoosal to solve the immigration problem from Mexicans.

Like many other nations, Mexico is degenerating.  Nations degenerate as a result of different reasons. The cause of Mexico's degeneration is a war on drugs.(click)  Because of this war, Mexico is not developing a democracy. Because of this war, Mexico has no God. The people of Mexico are losing their liberty and education.

The USA is helping Mexico to win this war by eliminating the production of drugs in Afganistan. Eighty percent (80% ) of the drugs in the world are produced there.  There, militaries are securing the people of Afganistan so they can learn and produce only useful products for themselves and others.

Since some Mexican families came to the USA long ago, Newt Gingrich says that these families should be allowed to stay in the USA. I  agree.  But I believe that my active God will also agree.  I conclude that the proposals of the other seven Republican presidential candidates were poor and not godly.

If the people of all nations consider God in every political proposal that they develop, I believe that our lives after death could only be great.

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