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Saturday, December 03, 2011

More Thoughts on Freedom

At the U.S. Department of Justice in the 1980s, I concluded that one cause of crime is the national language of a nation  As my thoughts expanded, I also concluded that the national languages of all nations cannot be perfected or completed, that is, one at a time. In this blog I want to teach our current knowledge of human freedom so that  people in all nations use this word correctly.

My thoughts of freedom in my mind began with the freedom of God.  My mind concluded immediately that the greatest freedom will be found in the greatest thing we call God.  And, if other things  exist, I conclude that these other things cannot hold the greatest freedom. So, with the greatest freedom, my mind is able to distinguish all other things from God. 

The group of all atheistic scientists, many medical doctors, and many conservatives say that all other things are called mechanisms, which can be predicted.  Thus, all atheistic scientists are saying that God is false and that evolutionary theory is true. So, these scientists believe that some people are born as criminals. Some of these medical doctors and conservatives will accept God, bu agree with the atheists that evolutionary theory is true.  Accordingly, the minds of this group of people are very confused.

To eliminate the confusion of this group, I say that among all other things, some of the other things are free whereas some of the other things are unfree.  The free other things are formed by all unconfused humans, all unconfused animals, and all unconfused plants. The unfree other things are mechanisms that have confused minds. Gottfried Leibniz speaks of these confused minds in his paper on Monadology.

Thus, as the intelligence of a human, an animal, or a plant increased, the freedom of that human, animal, and plant increased.  The sequence of unfolding indivisible things, that is, (1) unfree things, (2) plants, (3) animals, and (4) humans,  in God's creation, was stated correctly by Moses in the Genesis.

Thus, human freedom depends on the intelligence of a person.


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