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Friday, December 09, 2011

II.A 2011 Smmary of the U.S. Democracy

On July 4, 1776, the USA became the first democracy in the world. This first democracy was identified with two laws that were made by the thirteen colonists. The first law is defined in the Declaration of Independence. It defines Society and is the first part of John Locke's two-party social contract theory. The second law is defined in the Constitution. It defines Government and is the second party of  John Locke's theory.(click)

The U.S. democracy is destroying itself because U.S. lawyers say wrongly that the Declaration of Independence is not a law of the body of U.S. laws. In response to my letter on this subject, Senator Rockefeller said,  'The Declaration of Independence is not considered law in the same sense that the Constitution is considered law.'  These words of U.S. lawyers and Senator Rockefeller destroy the U.S. democracy because they eliminate the social contract theory of John Locke.

In the USA, we see that a democracy can be destroyed simply by the way people think and use words wrongly.  U.S. lawyers are obviously unfamiliar with the three major social contract theories that became available before 1776.

Abe Lincoln tried to save the Declaration of Independence as a law with the Civil War.  But he was assassinated. So I believe that some U.S. citizens helped to destroy the Declaration of Independence.


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