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Monday, December 05, 2011

The Virgin Mary And Son of God Are False

In yesterday's blog, the Vatican tells us that the field of  'science' has a place in the church.'  But the Vatican has never opened its mind to my scientific research, which is being read by many people worldwide.

I believe that the Vatican is not opening its mind to my work because my research says that God is an active God. On the other hand, the Vatican says that God is the inactive God of the Jews and Christians. Accepting an active God requires one to accept the 'Intelligent Design.' But the inactive God of the Jews and Christian requires one to accept 'Darwin's Evolutionary Theory.

At verse 1:37, Luke says that an inactive God can cause all possibilities.  So, Christians say that the Virgin Mary received body and soul directly in heaven without dying. So, Christians also say that the Virgin Mary gave life to Jesus as the only begotten Son of God.

However, when I develop knowledge of an active God, I say that God does not change.   But I say that an unchanging God is able to act and does create the universe., which is the best universe. When the best universe is formed, all possibilities of God becom e limited and become the best of all universes.

I say that this best universe is eternal.  My reserch of Jesus says that Jesus taught this best universe. So I reject the inactive God of Jews and Christians.  I also  reject the science of the Vatican and  Darwin's  Evolutionary theory. My  research seeks knowledge of the 'intelligent design' of an active God.

I do not believe that the Vatican will ever open its science because its science is wrong. So, I don't expect churchs to ever openot their minds to my science of an active God.


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