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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Two Infinities Exist

When Christians are taught that the Virgin Mary received the body and soul in heaven, this teaching is wrong because it is inconsistent with two different infinities, which were found and identified by the fields of theology and mathematics. The theologians found that God has one infinity.  And mathematics found that many different infinities exist among the finite things of the universe.

The infinity of God is identical to all other attributes of God.  Then, when God acts to create the universe,  finite-infinite things appear as mathematical infinities. An example is the number  3.14... . This number is a finite-infinite number and is used to construct all finite circles. The precision of a circle improves as more numbers are added to the numbers 3.14.

In his 1883 paper on 'Grundlagen,'  Georg Cantor  speaks of two different infinities also.  Cantor says that the infinity of God is the determinate genuine-infinite.  The other infinities in the universe are non-genuine-infinities and present themselves as variables.

Since the Virgin Mary was a human being before the birth of Jesus, it is not possible for here to enter the world of God or heaven. She can't enter the world of God because God is that world and God has no heaven.  The only heavens are the stars that one can see by standing on a planet. So, neither Mary nor Jesus are divine human beings. They are natural human beings like us.

These two infinities mean that God exists, is active, and creates. They mean that God creates a universe that have a higher and lower world  that have no ends. Obviously, atheism and the Big Bang are false theories.


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