Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, December 09, 2011

I. A 2011 Smmary of God and the Universe

Many religions exist because different religions argue that different gods exist.  But I continue to say that only one God exists and that this God acts eternally through an Intelligent Design of the universe. I also say that all scriptures are man-made and contain many false statements.

I say that all children are reborn continually after death. Thus, God has no heaven where married people can live together eternally. God has no heaven because God is infinite and cannot hold any finite things such as human beings. Humans can live only in the universe that God made. But God did create finite heavens because we can see them in the evening sky when we stand on planet earth or stand on another planet. Accordingly, there is no heaven that is called Hell.

All cultures are man-made. So, Hitler was wrong to speak of anti-Semitism and Jews are wrong to speak of Judaism. All children come from the same active God. They come from God as a Spirit and are given a body from a father and mother. The  fathers, mothers, and teachers are expected to raise children in a godly manner. As fathers and mothers become old, the children and government must care for their dying father and mother them until they pass on and are reborn again. This process of human life, which has no end, is a continuous drama among humans.

Families and bloodlines do not exist. Accordingly, Darwin's evolutionary theory is false. Accordingly, developing wealth and receiving inheritances are  the ungodly result of man-made money systems.


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