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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Can We End Income Inequality?

In yesterday's blog, Walter Williams,  a U.S. syndicated columnist, asked the question, 'Can we end income equality.'  My answer to the question of Williams is, 'Since all attributes of an active God are equal. we must identify God's attributes in order to determine the functional relations of the different equalities in our universe.'

In my book on 'The First Scientific Proof o God,' I identify three attributes of God on pages 124-129. There, I identify three attributes of God as One, Equality, and Union. These three attributes of God had been identified in the 15th century by Nicholas of Cusa. (To distinguish God's attributes from the attributes of the universe, I capitalize the word if it belongs to God.)

With these three attributes of God, I use logical thinking  on page 128 to identify specific attributes of the universe. God's attributes thus tell us that the universe has three attributes --- many, different, and relation.  Before connecting these three attributes of God to the universe, on page 6 of my book, I connected God's acts of creation to the universe with the symbols, Infinite and finite.
Later, I also connected God to the universe with the attributes, Indivisible and divisibles, and the attributes, Independence and dependencies. (See 9/4/10 blog.)

Thus, if God and the universe are connected as I say, ending income inequality is possible only if money and wealth are removed from the universe.


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