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Sunday, December 11, 2011

IV. A 2011 Smmary of the U.S. Democracy

To build the U.S. democracy, Ben Franklin had extracted new thoughts from Europe. From England, came the social contract theory of Locke (click); from France, came science and the geometry of Descartes; and from Germany, came the monadology and a new space-time of Leibniz.

But after Locke's social contract theory was eliminated by U.S. lawyers, the thoughts of  Franklin from Europe would float away quickly . Without Franklin' new thoughts, a functional democracy would not develop as I show below

For example, after 1776, land no longer functions for a democracy. Instead, land became an economic thing that can be owned and sold without building something on the land.  Locke was thus wrong on the subject of land.  However, prior to 1776, the British colonists could not use land unless a home, business, school, etc. was added to the land and became functional for a democracy. So, before 1776 it seems that the British leaders were building a godly democracy in their colonies. So, the Revolutionary War might have been wrong to God

Building a godly democracy or building an economy is as different as night or day. Building a democracy will move all people toward a God that can be understood but can't be known.  On the other hand, building a economy can produce more and more wealth but can't understand God.


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