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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

VIII A 2011 Smmary of the U.S. Democracy

In this summary of the U.S. democracy, I will distinguish my thoughts on atoms from the thoughts of many physicists today.

Physicists at CERN (near Geneva) say that they might find an elusive sub atom particle.  This particle was theorized in the 1950s by British physicist, Peter Higgs.  This particle is known as the Higgs boson but is also called the 'God particle.'  The Higgs boson could explain why the fundamental particles in matter have mass. The physicists expect to give us an answer in one year.

I report this information so that non-physicists  understand the impact of the success or failure of this CERN experiment.

If the CERN experiment is successful, the matter of the universe is 'physical' and was either created by an inactive God or made by a Big Bang thing. Since this universe is finite, it comes to an end. Since all things are mechanical, all things, including humans, are not free and have no life after death.

If this physical experiment fails, I offer an answer with my research on the U.S. democracy. In the U.S. democray,  I say that the matter of the universe is either 'indivisible' or 'divisible.' An active God and His Intelligent Design create an infinite number of immortal indivisible things. These indivisible things become dark matter.  An active God and His Intelligent Design organize all indivisible things so that divisible things become light matter.  This light matter is given imperceptible motions by an active God and His Intelligent Design. This universe has no end. Only humans, animals, and plants have different degrees of freedom and have life after death.(See the freedom of the birds)

In one year,  I say that these physicists will fail and will think about my universe and active God.


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