Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, December 23, 2011

How We Can Understand God and His Intelligent Design

In Ch. Two of His book 'On Learned Ignorance' Nicholas of Cusa found that the greatest thing, which we call God, is absolute maximum and absolute minimum.(click)  Then, in Ch. Three, Cusa shows us that the precise truth of God is incompresensible. However, at Rom. 1:20, Paul told us that the invisible things of God are seen clearly, being understood by the things that God made.

 When a person uses Plato's negative (Sophist at 257b)  and Paul's suggestion, this person rises above logic and begins to reason. So, non sequiturs and caricatures have become my major tools for developing lines of reasoning about an active God and His Intelligent Design.

Non sequiturs appear when I use different pairs of opposites in order to connect God functionally to the universe. For instance, I use the pair of opposites, One-many. The capitalized 'One' belongs to God and 'many' belongs to all things in the universe. I expand the connections of God and the universe by adding two more pairs of opposites, Equality-inequality and Union-relations.  Then, a trinity has been formed. Since these six concepts coexist, I am beginning to understand God and His Intelligent Design of the universe.

Caricatures appeared first in Italy in 1772. (click) At that time, caricatures of politicians were made with cartoons. A caricature of a burlesque was also made at a trial. In today's newspapers, we find many caricatures of our politicians and bankers.

A caricature develops when I use the pair of opposites, Infinite-finite. These two concepts also coexist.  When One is also viewed as an Infinite thing, the Infinite thing has no parts.  However, all finite things in the universe have an infinite number of parts. Galileo found that all bodies in the universe are built up of an infinite number of indivisibles. So the Infinite-finite pair of opposites give us a very good understanding of God and His creation.

Since I am using precise opposing concepte to connect an infinite thing to all finite things, I say that my proof of God and the universe is scientific..


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