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Monday, December 26, 2011

Mount Athos

Last evening, CBS-TV presented a '60 Minutes' story about Mount Athos, which is the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church in Greece.(click)   If you want to hear this story, (Click).

Yesterday, I say that the New Testament is filled with errors made by the disciples of Jesus. My study indicates that Jesus tried to teach the disciples his new theory of an active God. But his teachings were not successful.  In 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa learned how Jesus was teaching his active God.  But, in the 60 Minutes story, we are told that the monks at Mount Athos say that they communicate the words of Jesus in the New Testament to God all day long.  Since the monks do not seem to know anything about the active God of Jesus, they seem  have a major problem in their communications with God.

The monks at Mount Athos do not allow females.  Instead, they store the skulls of all dead monks because they expect to live in the heaven of God. Since God is One and Infinite, there is no heaven at God's place.  Different heavens can be seen only if a finite human is living on a planet.

I conclude that the Christian teachings at Mount Athos are terrible.


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