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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Gospel of Thomas Says that the World Has No End

The oldest Gospel According to John appeared about 90 years after the death of Jesus. Earlier, the Gospel According to Matthew and Luke appeared 80-90 years after the death of Jesus.  Still earlier, the Gospel According to Mark appeared 70 years after the death of Jesus. Because these disciples are students of Jesus, I conclude that these four Gospels cannot be accepted by humans as full truths.

I believe that more truths about the sayings of Jesus will be found in the letters of Paul because these letters appeared only 50 years after the death of Jesus. Further, in The Lost Gospel Q (click) , which appeared 25 years after the death of Jesus, could have more truths about the sayings of Jesus.

However, in 1945 at Egypt, The Gospel of Thomas was found. (click) Thomas, who is thought to be the brother of Jesus, presents many scientific sayings of Jesus. The Introduction says that Thomas performs no physical miracles, reveals no fulfillment of prophesy, announces no apocalyptic kingdom about to disrupt the world order, and dies for no one's sins.  Instead, Thomas dispenses insight from the bubbling spring of wisdom and critiques the end of the world. The words of Thomas are saying that the world has no end

My theory of an active God and the Gospel of Thomas should be studied by every family in the world.


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