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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Theophanes or Little Gods

In Judaism and Christianity, the concept 'theophany' means a variable manifestation of a Deity. (click)   An example in Judaism is the appearance of an angel to Moses through a burning bush. And an example in Christianity is the appearance of Jesus through the Virgin Mary. I reject these examples.

In Part IIa, Ch. 2 of my book on The First Scientific Proof of God, I discuss the manifestation of a 'little God' on page 85. There, I say 'God could not give himself to the universe partially or diminishedly.' This is true because God is absolute and cannot create things from nothing by dividing Himself into parts or by reducing Himself to smaller things.

In order to understand how God creates, man must identify the attributes of God and connect them to the universe with opposing attributes of the universe. So, when I found that God has the attributes of One, Equality, and Union, I act as a 'little God' and connect God to the universe with the opposing universals many, inequality, and relation on page 128 of my book. I also say that only humans can act as 'little Gods.'  For this reason I speak of 'big thinkers' and place Jesus and other humans into a higher group of humans.

In yesterday's blog, I say that the concept 'equality' is found only in God.  So, all humans are equal because all of them are 'little Gods.' In my book, I also speak of the divinity of humans such as Jesus because all big thinkers might be called 'little divine Gods.

I conclude that many religious leaders are power-seekers. To maintain power, they do not develop many 'little Gods.'  Islam fundamentalism and the Christian Vatican are examples of power-seekers.


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