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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Streams of Thoughts of An Inactive God and An Active God

The historical appearances of personalities, scriptures, and religions show the two  different streams of thought on the subjects of (1) an inactive God and (2) an active God.

Inactive God                                            
Religion (Judaism)
Old Testament

Active God
Alexander the Great

Inactive God
New Testament
Religion (Christianity)

Active God
Eastern Christianity
Inactive God
Werstern Christianity
Active God 

Inactive God
Religion (Islam)
Catholic Christianity
Protestant  Christianity

Active God
Nicholas of Cusa

lf one studies the personalities, scriptures, and religions of the inactive God, one learns that all thoughts are focused only on the good/evil dualism, morals, and the end of the universe. And if one studies the personalities, scriptures, and religions of the active God, one learns that all thoughts are focused only on knowledge, laws of nature, and the endlessness of the universe.

In one looks at the contents of each different God, one learns that the Qur'an scripture switched the thoughts of Muhammad from an active God to an inactive God when the Islam religion was created.  This switch isolated all Eastern Christians from other Christians.

In the column of an active God, I dded Galileo because his book, 'Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences,' confirms an active God. In this book, Galileo proves that all created things by God have an infinite number of infinitesimal parts. So when the Vatican rejected the Copernicus Revolution and imprisoned Galileo, the Vatican  rejected both of Galileo's New Sciences. The Vatican apologized its rejection of the Copernicus Revolution but it has not apologized the second science.  If the Vatican apologizes the second science, the catholic church must turn their thoughts to an active God.


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