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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Two Gods and the Voting of the U.S. Presidency

The forthcoming voting of the U.S. presidency in 2012 is very clear with respect to to my research on two Gods, the inactive God and the active God.  As I continue to say, the inactive God is false and the active God is true.

My research says that the Republican candidates will support the false inactive God whereas the Presidential Obama will support the true active God.

The most powerful idea that lures the Republican candidates to the inactive God is freedom.  Since the greatest freedom will be found in God, the freedom in a human is limited. The Republicans have not shown me how this limit is managed by government.  

On the other hand, the most powerful idea that lures President Obama to the active God is also freedom.  But Obama shows me that he is able to manage the limit of freedom, when he uses laws in the Declaration of Independence and uses the statement -- all Men are created equal.

With an active God, all people are equal.  But in an inactive God, to humans, anything goes.


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