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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some More on 'The Two Gods and the Voting of the U.S. Presidency

Since I found scientific differences between between an inactive God and an active God about two years ago, I have been able to distinguish better the Republicans and Democrats because the Republicans, seem to think like theologians who teach an inactive God, and the Democrats, seem to think like theologians who teach an active God.

I am able to separate the Republicans and Democrats because an inactive and active God are opposing concepts and cannot coexist at any time.  Thus, only one God exists.

On the 1/16/12 post, I said that the minds  of Republicans and Democrats do not think the same way on the concept of freedom. Republicans see freedom as a concept of humans whereas freedom is only an absolute concept of God, who has no cause.  Since humans are created by God, humans are caused and thus can only have relative freedoms.

The concepts "free enterprise' and 'free market' will be found in the mind of Republicans and in some Democrats.  But many Democrats will limit Free enterprise and the free market.  I will agree with these many Democrats.

The meanings of words such as 'freedom' are  troublesome in all nations because the national languages of every nation can never be completed or perfected. Thus, I believe that the Republican and Democrats in the USA are unable to compromise different ideas because they do not know how to develop precise meanings of national symbolic languages.


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