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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Real God of Jesus Christ

The real God of Jesus Christ was not the God of the Jews. Thus, Jesus recognized that the God of the Jews had a weakness. Judas did not recognize this weakness. This is why Judas betrayed Jesus and Jesus was murdered on a cross by the Jews.The real God of Jesus Christ is the God of all creatures because God made and maintain them.

Since the God of Jesus is active and holds an Intelligent Design of the Universe that has no end, the God of the Jews must be inactive because the Jewish God created a universe that comes to an end.

The active God of Jesus provides a continuous life to all living things forever.  But the inactive God of the Jews can only provide a continuous life to some living things.  Thus, the God of the Jews is weak and can exhaust Himself and things.

As seen, the good/evil dualism of the Jews limits the Jewish God. I conclude that this dualism was rejected by Jesus. That Jesus asked Judas to betray him so that he could fulfill a biblical statement would indicate that Jesus was insane. Jesus was not insane. The problem Jesus had with Judas was that Judas did not know what Jesus meant when Jesus said at John 14:20, 'I am in the Father, and ye in me, and I in you.' This statement was not understood by any Christians until the 15th century.


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