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Friday, January 20, 2012

Authorities Are Dynamic, Not Static

In nations, authorities form the laws of a nation.  In the USA, the authorities of the Declaration of Independence (DOI) and the Constitution formed the first laws of the body of the United Stats. Within the DOI,  two authorities exist. The first authority, which is found in the first two paragraphs, forms John Locke's Society. The second authority, in the remaining words, gives the Society the right to go to war against England.  Then, within the Constitution, only one authority exists. This authority forms John Locke's Government.

Obviously, the ungodly minds of U.S. citizens and politicians are ruining the USA.  But foreign  citizens and politicians are also ruining nations.

However, the ungodly minds of some citizens are also ruining the field of religion. For example, in the first century of A.D., Christians made a new religion based on the authorities (or teachings)  of Jesus. After the death of Jesus, the twelve disciples of Jesus became the authorities of Christianity.  In time, Peter became known as the highest disciple.  This authority of Peter, eventually led to new authorities given to Popes, saints, priests, cardinals, and bishop.  All of these Christian authorities led to  'cannon laws,' which allowed the molestation of children by any authority. (click)

The meaning of all Christian authorities above do not change if one worships an inactive God. But if one worships an active God, molestation and other Christian attributes will change and becomes unlawful because the universe never ends.

As I have taught about an active God, teachers (like Jesus) will always be teaching unskilled students.  However, since all human knowledge is dynamic and cannot be completed, teachers will always learn new ideas. The Vatican wants to freeze all Christian authorities.  This Vatican thought is wrong.

I say that all authorities are dynamic.


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