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Thursday, March 01, 2012

The U.S. Republicans and Their False Churches

I have been watching the debates between the presidential candidates of the Republican party. The two major candidates at this time are Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. The falling candidates are Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.

Romney is a Mormon and Santorum is an Orthodox Christian.  Newt Gingrich is also an Orthodox Christian whereas Ron Paul is a Lutheran, which is becoming closer and closer to the Orthodox Christian Church. Accordingly, three presidential candidates are close followers of the Orthodox Christian Church.  And Romney is a follower of the Mormon Church.

Years ago, I studied the writings of Joseph Smith. The Mormon church was founded based on the thoughts of Smith.  Smith concluded that the knowledge of Jesus became infinite and made Jesus the Son of God. Knowing that human knowledge can never become infinite, I concluded that the Mormon religion is false. But the Orthodox Christian Church also says that Jesus is the Son of God.  So all four Republican presidential candidates are followers of false religions.

Interesting indeed.


  • At 8:25 AM, Anonymous David S. Wilkinson said…

    As a Democratic Socialist of course you will seek to find fault with the Republican candidates but President Obama also follows (not sure about practices) a quasi standard orthodox church (still not sure about the black liberation theology taught there).

  • At 9:06 AM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Hi David,

    I am not a Democratic Socialist. I am an independent voter.

    As an independent voter, I comment on the paries. When the Democrats begin, I will comment on Democrats, it they are following the ungodly Orhodox Christian Church.

    I don't get involved ino skin colors.


  • At 2:31 PM, Anonymous David S. Wilkinson said…

    This has nothing to do with skin color but what the President is hearing in his church and what beliefs he espouses. Just saying if you're going to put the Republicans under scrutiny for their religious decisions then the President must be held to the same standard.
    I did not mean you are a Democrat in terms of political affiliation but rather that you embrace the fundamental beliefs of a Democratic Socialist. In fact you sound a lot like Henri St. Simone who spoke of theocratic science and "the New Christianity" seeking to join religion and science.


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